Darby Hobbs Books

Darby’s books are written with Magic, Imagination, & Creativity all inspired by her spiritual sense to make the world a better place. Her characters and their stories are a loving example to see the world in a positive way and for a moment, allow the reader to embrace their own magic, imagination, and creativity. Written for children of all ages, her goal is to Color the World in Love™, one reader at a time. She hopes you become just that person.

Hockey Island

Darby’s first published children’s book, Hockey Island was inspired by her eldest grandson George who one night wanted a bedtime story about “‘Hockey Island,’ a place where it snows each and every day and to live there...

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The Tail of Grace & Kristoff

Darby’s second book was inspired by her daughter, Grace as she loved unicorns and Darby loves pigs. It’s a story that takes place off the coast of the Florida Keys, a virtually unknown island that was frequented by...

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Where to find Darby’s books:

Darby’s books are available across the Cape & Islands and various places down South. You can find Darby’s books at various Cape Cod libraries, bookstores, and museums as well as on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.