Color the World in Love™

What Color is Love?

Where can you Find Love?

How do you Show Love?

Darby Hobbs, smiling woman with shoulder length brown hair wearing a pink shirt in front of trees

All of my works are focused on stories that present characters and adventures based on unconditional love, joy, and human values. The Color the World in Love™ book has been a vision of mine for quite some time to illustrate the union of love in everything we do and that the designs of our life encompass so many aspects of who we are but at the root of it all is love – love for one another. This book is a representation of my own spiritual awakening that I hope will ignite children, youth, and adults to realize their own magic, imagination, and creativity to not only make the world a better place but also to realize their own potential and special uniqueness.

I have sought insight from world scholars, authors, leadership consultants, teachers, artists, inter-faith and religious leaders, shamans, and impact investing professionals – who call themselves the Coalition of Caring Change Makers of which I invite all that read this book to join. I distill their voices and my own into a book illustrated by children and youth from around the world. They address questions such as:

  • What color is Love?
  • What is Love?
  • Where can you find Love?
  • How do you show your Love to everyone and everything?

My intent is to build the bridge from words to art, bringing the reader through a creative exhibit of self-awareness to impact and why today there is a rise in social consciousness globally and how they can play a key role in that momentum. The reader of this book will find a path to possibly a new perspective, no matter what age, as it calls the reader to be inspired that their own wishes, hopes, and desires are real and they can apply these to make a difference in this world.

Would you like to contribute artwork for Color the World in Love™?

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Create artwork to answer any of these questions.
Remember to approach this with
Magic. Imagination. Creativity.

  • What color is Love?
  • What is Love?
  • Where can you find Love?
  • How do you show your Love to everyone and everything?


Artwork requirements:

  • 8.5 x 11 plain white paper
  • Vertical (Portrait)
  • Use Crayon, Craypas, or Markers *
  • Make sure the art is big enough to fill the page
  • Title, sign your first name only and your age next to your artwork
  • Scan your artwork as a jpeg file (500 dpi)
  • Submit it using the form below

*if the applicant wants to use a different medium such as acrylics or oils they can just keep to the size and final jpeg requirements, please.

Any questions about these requirements please Contact Darby.

Submit your artwork for consideration to be published in Color the World with Love™