Darby Hobbs Books

Darby Hobbs, smiling woman with shoulder length brown hair wearing a pink shirt in front of trees
book cover - watercolor of a unicorn & a pig, words Tail of Grace & Kristoff in rainbow color letters
book cover - watercolor of fishing boat with sunset, words say Hockey Island (letter I is a lighthouse)

You can purchase books directly from Darby in her online store!

You can also find Darby’s books at the Cape Cod Museum of Art
and at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod!

About the books:

Darby’s first published children’s book, Hockey Island was inspired by her eldest grandson George who one night wanted a bedtime story about “Hockey Island”, a place where it snows each and every day and to live there you must bring your imagination”. There are no streets just icy alleyways for all to skate upon and a lighthouse that beams through the snow.

In her second book, we meet Grace, the musical unicorn, with her pink mane and rainbow horn and tail, and Kristoff the pig, with his curly tail and blue raspberry mark in the middle of his forehead. Together, they find each other on a shipwreck, bond over adventures and stories, nights of sparkly stars, and a visit to the island’s Magic Tree. Soon they become the very best of friends.

Look for The Tail of Grace & Kristoff and Hockey Island at your local bookstore, Cape Cod Museum of Art, or buy them on Amazon here!

 Words love, peace, freedom, spirit, kindness, and simplicity in multicolored fancy script.

You can find Darby on Instagram at DarbyHobbs22!

About the Author ~ Darby Hobbs

Darby Hobbs sitting in her cozy office with a desk, a colorful rug, and a wooden goose "flying" above her.
Darby Hobbs sitting in her pink office chair

Spiritual Author & Artist – her passion is to create positive change in our world.

Her characters and the places they inhabit are both unique and imaginative – nothing out of the ordinary for Darby. The love continues at the end of her books, encouraging her readers to manifest the Magic, Imagination, and Creativity within their hearts. Allowing the reader to see how the designs of their life are impactful for all of us. All creatures big and small.

Magic is who you are – your unique self.
Imagination is how you innovate and see things with a new perspective.
Creativity is how you and others engage to create value in the lives of others – making the world a better place.

Under the wooden flying goose in her cherished writing abode, perched upon her pink chair, seated behind her antique English garden stenciled desk, Darby’s words are written from her heart – the seat of compassion. Her tremendous imagination whips words into magic that allow the reader to see life from a different perspective.

In her stories, she shares with the reader how finding one’s purpose is so important, being seen truly for who you are and what beauty you bring to the world, applying this into your decisions as you grow and learn, and making a difference by what you value – in effect to Color the World in LoveTM.

Wanting to be a New York Radio City Rockette, she is a storyteller and teacher at heart – a Shaman – her purpose is to move the reader on an exploration of their soul.

By quiet observation and intent learning of what mother nature can teach us, Darby pulls from what she sees and spins it into a story full of imagination, but with messages and learnings designed to guide the generations to come. Her writing is but a guide for LIFE.

L: Love Yourself and Others
I: Invite All Your Talents to Shine
F: Forgive Yourself and Others
E: Embrace Who You Are – Your Soul’s Intent and Purpose

If you would like to contact Darby you may do so here.

About the Illustrator ~ Karen Kishibay

Karen was born and raised in CT. She was raised as a traditional artist, designer, creative artist, and painter in a creative family with an environment using all media. She continued being an artist and designer for arts and craft fairs, newsletters, murals for schools, artwork for publications, portraits, calligraphy for weddings, and artwork for special life events.

Her illustrations in children’s books are done by using watercolors, pen and ink and each artwork is an individual painting. Karen collaborates closely with each writer to illustrate and capture the essence of each manuscript, the characters, the plot, and why the story is being told so she can ‘bring to life’ the written word.
She graduated college summa cum laude with a BFA and a minor in graphic design. Karen is an accomplished designer, painter, watercolorist, oil and acrylic medium painter, ceramics, print production, logo designer, and illustrator. She also has a long and distinguished career in the Consumer Packaged Group (CPG) Industry, working with Fortune 500 companies.

She complements the words her sister Darby writes – making the stories true adventures of the heart.

smiling woman with long straight brown hair
A smiling face crafted from food

Karby-Diem (Karen and Darby combined – name given by Connor Ohannes Sullivan); Food arranging or playing by Karen and Darby after a lunch out on Cape Cod. Wallah, Karby was born! Never underestimate the power of creativity or when it will strike! Embrace it and go with it, you never know what may unfold!