Illustration Opportunity for Color the World in Love™ book

Submit artwork to be selected for publication in Darby Hobbs’s new book!

Create artwork to answer any of these questions.
Remember to approach this with
Magic. Imagination. Creativity.

What color is Love?

What is Love?

Where can you find Love?

How do you show your Love to everyone and everything?


Artwork requirements:

  • 8.5 x 11 plain white paper
  • Vertical (Portrait)
  • Use Crayon, Craypas, or Markers *
  • Make sure the art is big enough to fill the page
  • Title, sign your first name only and your age next to your artwork
  • Scan your artwork as a jpeg file (500 dpi)
  • Submit it using the form below

*if the applicant wants to use a different medium such as acrylics or oils they can just keep to the size and final jpeg requirements, please.

Any questions about these requirements please Contact Darby.

Submit your artwork for consideration to be published in Color the World with Love™