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This story takes place on an unknown island where you find Grace, the musical unicorn, and Kristoff the pig. They bond over adventures & stories soon becoming the very best of friends.

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Darby’s second book was inspired by her daughter, Grace as she loved unicorns and Darby loves pigs. It’s a story that takes place off the coast of the Florida Keys, a virtually unknown island that was frequented by pirates from yesteryear. This is where you find Grace, the musical unicorn, with her pink mane and rainbow horn and tail, and Kristoff the pig, whose curly tail and blue raspberry mark in the middle of his forehead, makes them both realize how unique they are. Together, they find each other on a shipwreck, bond over adventures and stories including visiting the island’s Magic Tree. Soon they become the very best of friends with a deep understanding and acceptance for each other, as well as appreciation and unconditional love.

5 Star Review By Courtnee Turner Hoyle for Readers’ Favorite

The Tail of Grace & Kristoff by Darby Hobbs is a children’s book about friendship. On the island of Agape, named for love, a family of pigs lives in peace. One pig, Kristoff, spends his days playing on an old shipwreck until a unicorn appears. He takes her to meet his family and opens his home to her. They discuss their differences, and Kristoff discovers that the unicorn, Grace, has a beautiful voice and enjoys music. Kristoff takes Grace to a magical tree on the island where she learns her purpose. On the way back, the presence of fog frightens Kristoff, and Grace consoles him. The friends discover many things about one another as they talk under the stars and Grace shares valuable lessons through her stories.

Darby Hobbs wrote a lovely story about her daughter, and readers will almost feel like they know Grace after meeting this unicorn. The beauty of the bond between Grace and Kristoff will resonate with young readers who value books about friendship. They share their talents and fears, encouraging and supporting one another as they reflect true friendship. The Tail of Grace & Kristoff was made for reading aloud and children could act it out as someone narrates. The story flows easily and creates a calming quality for children listening to it. For children who plan to read the book themselves, the format will help readers who are between picture and chapter books see and verbalize the beauty in language. Hobbs promotes positive communication and self- esteem while outlining learning experiences from Grace’s stories.”

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